I'm unfuckwithable

Badass poster for high achievers, those who can not be fucked with.


I don’t remember exactly when and where I came across this quote. 

I’m pretty sure it was somewhere in the comments section on facebook or maybe Instagram. Hard to say.

Anyway, the guy who posted about it told me that he had found it on urban dictionary.

What? Urban dictionary? I didn’t know what it is at that time. So I googled it to check it out. 

And there it was! A bank of super cool explanations from people from around the world. Very cool source if you are looking for some original explanation of a word.

Long story short.

The unfuckwithable word became my #1 favourite word. I had to make a poster about it and I plan to make a lot of other products with this word and saying. Cups, t-shirts, pens ect! Stay tuned for that!

Being unfuckwithable

A) Describes an individual that does not allow themselves to be taunted or bothered by another human being.

B) An individual who cannot and will not be fucked with. This individual is usually unstoppable and is never threatened by anyone.

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A4, 11 x 14 Inches, A3, A2, 16 x 20 Inches

I'm unfuckwithable



I'm unfuckwithable

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