About me


I’m Chris,
Designer, maker, entrepreneur and addicted to help others. 

I’ve created MotivationBlog probably 8-9 years ago, seriously it was one of the biggest motivational poster sharing website on the internet. With a couple of millions visits all time.

But I’ve screwed it up all the way to death. And when website died I didn’t do anything with it for years. 

I know it was stupid. 

However, very recently I’ve decided to rebuild it and to make it better then it ever was. I want to provide more content and more value to you.

I will also be making a posters or other motivational products for sale to keep my motivation stronger and to be able to focus more energy in to the blog. Yes, money motivates me, especially if I don’t have to worry about not having it 🙂

Also the content my be slightly related to making money, but I will focus more on mindset, productivity and high performance. 

I welcome any of your ideas or points of view. You are my audience and I’m listening to what you have to say even if it’s negative.

So feel free to contact me! 

Wish you a great and full of success day!